Monthly Archives: May 2013

Now it’s the knee

About 10 days ago my knee started acting up. A sharp pain low and inside on my right knee, which is the side of my new hip. So I’m back on the cane after a a week or so free of any encumbrances. Using the cane seems to help avoid the load on the knee that it doesn’t like. But it is not getting any better; in fact, seems to be getting worse.

It is at its worst after being inactive for awhile, like in the morning or after sitting at my computer. I suppose I should stay off it, but it’s hard to do all my exercises and get in my 10 minutes of walking every day if I can’t use my knee.

I’ve made an appointment with Dr. Tomford for next week. Maybe it will be all better by then.

From Two Crutches to One

I can now officially walk with just one crutch or a cane. It has been one month since my operation. Don’t tell Dr. Tomford, but I have been walking with one crutch occasionally when I needed to carry something. I’m down to two Tylenol Extra Strength per day. My recovery is going very well.