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An interesting case

I received the following email recently:

Hi Steve
I came across your blogpost about your second hip replacement when trawling the internet and found it both interesting and comprehensive – so I followed up and found the info on your first one as well.

How are you going now, a few years down the track?
(I ask because it’s now 10 years since my last replacement0.

Kind regards,
Nik Macdougall

Here is some more information Nik supplied in a followup email:

Hi Steve
Thanks for the reply – and I’m delighted to hear that your hips are in great shape 🙂

Your site is very informative and should really be promoted as a resource for prospective THR patients. An awful lot of literature out there is highly ‘medicalized’ and, as such, often hard for people to come to grips with. Personal experience – stories – are what make an impact. Well done all round.

I’m 58 and my personal hip history spans 44 years, although only one hip. I’m not sure what sort of thing you might consider putting up on your site, but would be happy to provide any info you feel appropriate.

I hadn’t thought of setting up a website, in fact I initially set out to produce a simple THR self-help booklet. However, since I’m not a medical professional I decided that was probably an unsound choice. So, after much contemplation, I wrote the story up as a memoir. It was a lengthy process – and I had to quell my internal critic from time to time, but I’m glad I did it. I finally self-published on Kindle a little while ago.

I do have a blog, but the topics are more broad ranging than my hip story. However, if you’re at all interested, the book’s called Girdle of Bones.

All the best,

From her blog:

Hi , I’m Nik Macdougall.

I fell off a 100 foot cliff and had 9 hip replacements over 35 years. AMA

Pretty interesting, huh? I haven’t read her book, Girdle of Bones, so can’t recommend it directly.

It’s been a long time; Is everything okay?

It has been more than two years since I posted last. Someone emailed me to see if everything was okay, so I’ll answer the question. The hips and legs and knees are just fine. Right now I finished mowing the lawn. It takes about 4 hours walking behind my self-propelled mower. The legs and buttocks tell me I’ve done more walking than they would like, but that’s just fatigue, not hip replacement problems.

I have a FitBit and an iPhone both measuring my steps. On an active week I average around 8000 steps. On a less active week I average around 5000. I’d like to always do 10,000 steps but that only happens occasionally.