Three days ago I went to see Dr. Tomford about my knee. He looked at the x-rays and said my knee looked great. It must just be a problem of the knee adjusting to the new mobility of the hip.

20130529 knee.0002

20130529 knee.000320130529 knee.0001

I was using the cane in my left hand and it seemed to relieve the pain in the knee when walking. He said I should be using the cane in the right hand for a problem with the right knee. Using the cane in the right hand was less comfortable, but I did it anyway.

Now I don’t need the cane any more. Was it just a few hours using the cane in my right hand that did the trick? Was it all in my head and all I needed was to be told by Dr. Tomford that my knee was fine? I don’t know.

The knee is still weak. I can’t balance on my right leg. There is pain along the outside of the thigh. I think that is the iliotibial (IT) band. Dr. Tomford says it is split during the hip replacement then sewn back together. IT band syndrome is a pain like I’m experiencing that is caused (among other things) by a sudden increase in activity. Well, that certainly fits.

That part of my thigh has always hurt since the surgery. If I lay on my left side and raise my right leg, it hurts. When I switched the cane to my right hand, that is the part of my leg that hurt. I am icing it now and icing my knee.

Interestingly, I had (and still have to a lesser degree) a similar problem associated with my left hip replacement in 2004. I wound up with “snapping hip” which is a juddering caused by inflammation where the IT band slips over at the top of my femur. So my IT bands are a problem.

I have ordered copies of the x-rays taken and will post them when I get them.