More Physical Therapy

The outside of my right thigh just never got better. I was worried that my IT band had been damaged. So I went to Berkshire Physical Therapy in Lee for more physical therapy. Rachael listened to my story and watched me walk. Her diagnosis was that my gluteus medius and lateral quad were weak. They couldn’t support my weight when, during walking, all my weight was transferred to my right leg. So the IT band had to take over and it was stressed.

So the good news is that my IT band is fine but overworked. The gluteus medius is split during posterior hip replacement and sewn back together. The lateral quad was probably stretched too far when they were manipulating my leg during the surgery.

Rachael gave me a series of exercises that strengthened those muscles and, after a few months everything is much better. Still not perfect. If I stand on my right leg for an extended time or stand on it and bend over, for instance while trying to put my left leg into my pants while standing, it cramps up.

I do what I can to force the right quads to work hard. For instance, while walking up stairs, my body tends to push off with my left leg to spare my right quads. I work hard to overcome that tendency.

Hard to tell how much of this problem is because of the THR and how much is caused by my abusing my body by sitting in front of my computer for hours on end.