My second (right) total hip replacement (THR) has been scheduled for April 2, 2013. My first (left) THR was done in November, 2004.

But so far, all I have done is schedule the operation and the pre-op visit.

I asked Dr. Tomford (I’m using the same surgeon who did my left THR)
what had changed in the last eight years. I had heard that patients
now are walking sooner than I was and they don’t go through
the ramping up of the amount of weight to put on the new hip that I
went through. Dr. Tomford agreed that patients get up and walking
sooner with no limits on weight as long as there are no jolts to the
new hip. He said he now uses a smaller incision than he did on me in
2004. The prostheses themselves have changed very little. He uses a new
operating room that has video built-in. He said he could pull down a
screen so I could watch. I demurred but asked if I could take home a
video of the operation and he said yes. We’ll see.

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