Post Op at MGH

Days at the hospital were spent eating, sleeping, and trying to get some exercise. On post-op day 1, I was strong enough to get up to go to the bathroom, with help from a nurse or nurses aid. The physical therapist took me out walking twice a day. On post-op day 1, I started on a walker and soon graduated to crutches. On post-op day 2, I walked up and down a flight of stairs, once with one crutch and the railing and once with two crutches and no railing. This stair climbing was repeated on post-op day 3 before I went home.

I might have been released on the afternoon of post-op day 2 if I had been going to a rehab facility. Since I was going straight home, they kept me over another night. A occupational therapist taught me how to use the grabber, clothing hook, and sock tool. I was given a toilet seat raiser. It sits on a regular toilet and raises the seat 6 inches or so so I will be less likely to bend my hip at more than 90 degrees. I was given a set of instructions that included contact info, instructions for the visiting nurse association, and what medications I could and could not take.

Finally I was put on a wheelchair with my crutches, walker, toilet seat raiser, and instructions and wheeled to the main entrance. I was helped into the car and my wife drove me home. The trip went fast for me because I slept most of the way.