Post Op at Home

The Porchlight Visiting Nurse Association of Lee MA admitted me to nursing care on post-op day 4 and to physical therapy on post-op day 5.

A nurse visited twice a week to take my vital signs and check the wound. (Every nurse who looked at the wound said it looked beautiful.)

The physical therapist came three times a week to put me through a regime of strengthening and stretching exercises. I was to repeat these exercises twice a day. See Physical Therapy.

A Porchlight nurse removed my staples 15 days after surgery and put on steri-strips.


The people at Porchlight were professional, competent, and very friendly. I highly recommend them.

My home nursing care ended on post-op day 21. My home physical therapy ended on post-op day 30.

I am checking with Dr. Tomford to see if I need outpatient physical therapy.