A few minor complications occurred.

I had to stay on my back for the first two weeks or so. The back of my heels got sore from rubbing against the bed sheets. The only successful remedy was to sleep with a pillow under my legs to raise my heels off the bed. I tried a very firm pillow, a bolster, and a feather-filled pillow. The feather-filled pillow worked best.

When sleeping on my back, my mouth opens and my whole mouth and throat dries out. I got a wing-ding of a sore throat as a result of this dry throat and sleeping with my mouth open. On post-op day 12, a friend of mine who is a doctor examined my throat and diagnosed thrush, which is a fungal or yeast infection often accompanying an application of antibiotics. He prescribed nystatin liquid swish and swallow. After three doses of that there was no change in the sore throat so I decided to go to a local walk-in medical facility hoping they would do a throat culture so we could know for sure that it was thrush. But they didn’t do a throat culture. The physicians’ assistant diagnosed viral or bacterial sore throat and prescribed an antibiotic to protect the hip replacement. I took the full 10 day course of antibiotics and kept doing the swish and swallow. My PCP gave me a prescription for Clotrimazole, which is a lozenge. It is less distasteful than the swish and swallow. She also suggested I take another Omeprazole before bedtime in case the sore throat is the result of acid reflux. I also use a vaporizer to increase the humidity in the bedroom.

The sore throat seems to be gone. I still wake up with a completely dry mouth and throat at least once a night