Root Canal

Six weeks before scheduled surgery I got a toothache. Actually, the tooth had been giving me trouble for a long time but suddenly it got worse. I didn’t want the surgery postponed because of a bad tooth so I had it taken care of. It took some string pulling to get it done before my trip to California March first, but I got it done.

Dr. Scott at Western Mass Endodontics ( did the root canal. (Endodontics. That’s a word even my spell checker hasn’t heard of before.) After injecting a ton of Novocain he drilled a hole through the top of my crown and scraped all the nerve tissue out of the three roots in my tooth. Then he squirted in some stuff that is probably related to caulking, put more stuff on top to seal the hole and sent me on my way.



I went home and stupidly tried to eat lunch while my lip was still numb. I wound up chewing my lip. That hurt a lot worse than the root canal and took longer to heal.

My dentist refilled the hole in the top of the crown with something more permanent a week or so after the root canal. All is OK now.