The Days Before

A myriad of things to think about and do leading up to the surgery.

Since I will be incapacitated for a few weeks, all maintenance tasks requiring an agile handyman have been done.

I’ve selected a great surgeon and a great hospital. I’m going to go into surgery as disinfected as I can be. Nothing bad should happen. But just in case I have shown my wife where all passwords are stored, where the key to the safe is kept, and where the important documents are stored. I have made copies of my Health Proxy and DNR documents for her. It sounds scary, huh?

To prepare for the Tuesday morning surgery:

I have assembled two sets of clean clothing to put on after each Hibiclens shower and another a clean sweat suit for returning from the hospital.

I purchased an arm band designed to hold an iPod for runners. I will use it to hold my old iPhone 3G, which I will use to record voice memos and noises during the surgery. I washed  the arm band. I will disinfect the iPhone.

I have been using rubbing alcohol as a beginning of the disinfecting process. I learned you don’t want alcohol on your scrotum.

My plan is to take my first Hibiclens shower (including a shampoo) at home, put on my first of two clean sets of clothing, and drive to Boston. We will have a nice lunch and enjoy the afternoon in Boston. We have a room at the Liberty Hotel, which is a short walk from MGH. We will have a light supper, which will be my “last meal” for awhile.

Tuesday morning I will take my second Hibiclens shower, which will include a careful cleaning near where the surgical wound will be. Then I will shave for the last time until I return home, probably, don my second set of clean clothes, and walk to the hospital carrying only my wallet that includes insurance cards and my iPhone 3G with its arm band. If I need any of my other valuables, Shirley can bring them into the hospital.

To prepare for my return home after surgery:

I have arranged my bed for easy access to the wound. I have moved stuff I think I will want by my bed. It is a small room but with a comfortable bed and easy access to a half-bath.