The Curtisville Historic District

Map of the Curtisville Historic District

"Residence" in the list below indicates a 20th Century dwelling. Boxed numbers on the map above indicate structures no longer standing.

1. Barker Mill Site 20. Curtis-Patten House 38. Williams Site 56. Markham-Easman House
2. Curtis Saw Mill Site 21. Williams-Wager House 39. Ogden, Pagensteecher & Barker Mill Sites 57. Kickery Residence
3. Bancroft-Curtisville Hotel 22. Heath-Middlebrook House 40. Ogden-Clary Sites 58. Engleman Residence
4. Curtis-Heath-Acly House 22a. Lane-Middlebrook Cottage 41. Curtis-Hupman House 59. Barnes Residence
5. Citizens Hall Schoolhouse 23. Lane-Felsenfeld House 42. Curtis-Coulston House 60. Wurtzbach-Green House
6. Curtisville Congregational Church 24. Ogden-Wales House 43. Whitehead-Lowe-Sanderson House 61. Davis-Burghardt Site
7. Chamberlain-Uhler House 25. Beckwith-Oppermann House 43a. Lowe Residence 62. Engine No. 4 Firehouse
8. Parsonage 26. White Site 44. Curtis Grist Mill Site 62a. Ogden & Co. Site-Riley-Norton
9. Prall-Jones-Mulligan House 27. Lumbert-Berks House 45. Curtis-Ebbets House 62b. Blacksmith Shop Site-Riley-Norton
10. Churchill-Bell House 28. Willard-Priest-Nolan House 46. McWhirk Residence 63. Klasson Residence
11. Churchill Bros. Chair Factory Site 29. Churchill-White House and Mill Site 47. Garmey Residence 64. Losaw Residence
12. Burghardt Machine Shop & Foundry Site 30. Old School House 48. Beckley Residence 65. Lyons Site
13. Burghardt Machine Shop & Foundary Site 31. Churchill-Davis House 49. Tracey House MH. Curtisville Stone Arch Bridge
14. Brick Factory Site 32. Burghardt-Kickery House 50. Bell Residence MK. Spillway
15. Curtis-Moffatt House 33. Priest-Haywood House & Store 51. Water Co. Building MJ. Barker Bros. Dam
16. Pagenstecher Wood Pulp Mill Site 34. Burghardt-Codwise House 52. Curtis-Kickery House ML. "Deacon's" Bridge
17. Burrall's Store & Post Office 35. Williams-Wade House 53. Reichwald Residence  
18. Curtis-Downs House 36. Philips House 54. Markham-Sundberg House  
19. Curtis-Smith House 37. Seeley Residence 55. Nadel Residence  

The Curtisville Historic District was created with the inclusion of the older center of Interlaken in the U.S. Department of Interior's Federal Register of Historic Places. It includes the assurance by federal act that no federal monies will be used to build, raze, alter or otherwise be applied in a manner which would change the historic character of the district.

The information on this page was taken from a bruchure published by the Curtisville, Inc.