Stockbridge was the last leg of the 2003 tour. The whole gang arrived Friday in mid-afternoon.

The agenda included soaking up some rays, creating Mother's Day cards, a meal, walking the grounds of Tanglewood, a game of Dictionary, and, finally, sleep. For most of us, anyway. Ying had to escape a cat and suffer a 4:00 am fire drill.

Saturday started with breakfast at the various host's houses, lazy morning, lunch, negotiations for a baby sitter, some strategizing as to when to rehearse and what, re-negotiating the rehearsal time, rehearsing, snacking, getting spiffed up, warming up, and, finally, the concert.

Then a reception after so the audience could meet the musicians and visa-versa. Then a real meal and some more fun. Then a little sleep before getting up at the crack of dawn saying our goodbyes, and driving off into the sunrise.