Nude in Nature Workshop
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I attended the Nude in Nature photography workshop offered by Castle Hill in Truro and taught by Karin Rosenthal. It was a great success.

Thursday evening Karin showed us work by many photographers related to the theme Nude in Nature. Then she reviewed our portfolios, asking us about what our objectives were when we took the photos and giving us good insight into our work.

Friday started with a lesson on dealing with models, releases, nudity laws, etc. Then we went off to the Provincetown dunes for our shoot. A storm front passed through just as we arrived at the shoot and blew sand around for a while. Then the weather settled into overcast conditions which made for dull skies but soft shadows.

There were three models and nine students. We formed teams of three and each team had about 45 minutes with each of the three models. Then, two of the models posed together and the whole class took photos. Here's what that looked like:

Finally on Saturday, we picked a dozen or so of our best shots from the shoot and Karin critiqued each image. Her comments were a great learning experience. And not just when she was talking about our own images. She made us think more about our photography, especially how we framed our shots.

If you only have three days, I would highly recommend this workshop. If you can spare a whole week, take Karin's workshop with Cape Cod Photo Workshops. The extra days will give you the chance to shoot a second and maybe third time after hearing her comments on your work from the first shoot. Those additional rounds were missed in our three-day workshop.