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We arrived in Durnstein, Austria after a long but uneventful drive from Budapest in our rental car. Durnstein is a few hours northwest of Vienna in the Wachau Valley, which is a wine and apricot growing region. We finally found and checked into our hotel, the Schloss Durnstein.

We were tired and hungry so we decided to have lunch, the first of many wonderful meals at the Schloss Durnstein.

The views from the lunch table were fantastic. More views.

Well, that lunch was such a great meal, we skipped dinner that night. We did stroll about the town, though.

This is the main street and pretty much the only street. The highway goes through a tunnel under the town.

The next day we hiked through the vineyards of the Wachau valley to the next town up the Danube River, Weissenkirchen.

Some of us hiked up to the medieval ruins where Richard the Lion-Hearted was held captive.

The ruins are in the top left of the photo and Durnstein is in the center.

We wish we had scheduled a longer stay in Durnstein. It is beautiful. But alas, we must pile into the car once again and mush on to Prague.