2005 Central Europe
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Leslie and Shirley planned a wonderful trip for us, including the two Steves, to Central Europe during late August and early September 2005.

We drove to JFK and flew to Vienna by way of Zurich. Red eye, of course. Five days in Vienna then to Budapest by train.

After five days in Budapest we rented a car and drove to Durnstein in the Wachau valley northwest of Vienna. Only two days there, too short. We then drove to Prague and had quite a time finding our hotel. Five days in Prague and we drove to the Vienna airport, turned in the rental car, and flew back to JFK via Zurich. Finally we packed our baggage in the trunk of a car one last time and drove back to the Berkshires, stopping for dinner at Babalouie's.

We stayed at wonderful hotels and ate many wonderful meals accompanied by many great local wines. You might say we ate and drank our way through Central Europe!

Photos with numbers above 1600 are Leslie's and the rest are Steve B.'s with the exception of a few reproductions from postcards that are marked as such.