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We drove into Prague and drove around and around. Our hotel is at U Obecniho domu 1. Our map showed a U Obecniho Dvora. Close enough? But the hotel is supposed to be near the Powder Tower and that's someplace else on the map. Every street is one way the wrong way. Finally we stopped at a cab stand. The driver scratched his head and pointed and said it is just a block that way. But it is all pedestrian only. We paid him 10 Euros to lead us to the hotel. He drove about 10 blocks with us following to travel that one block. The next day, we walked to that same taxi stand from the hotel in about two minutes. We also discovered that during our drive-around we had made a u-turn within a few feet of the hotel but couldn't read the sign because it was behind some trees.

Ah, well. We finally made it to the Hotel Pariz.

Here, in the left side of the photo, are the trees that blocked our view of the hotel.

We did a quick evening walk around the Powder Tower and Municipal House. Later in our stay we toured the inside of the Municipal House.

The Charles bridge is both a tourist destination and a means of crossing the river. We did both, but there are too many tourists.

We went to two operas and a concert. The subtitles in Czech were a great help.

We did a lot of walking, seeing the sights and checking out the architecture.

We took a walking tour of the city, primarily of the Jewish quarter.

Our friendly guide.

And of course we had many good meals, although I don't have all that many photos of them.

We took the trolley up to Castle hill and walked down.

Steve and Leslie's son's wife's parents took the train from Dresden to visit. It was the first time they had met each other.