Fier Gorge
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We made a short excursion to Gorges du Fier, just outside of Annecy. The Fier river has carved a very narrow gorge through the rock and a walkway has been installed allowing us to walk through the gorge.

The pathway to the gorge. At this point we had no idea what to expect.

As the water leaves the sunlight in the over-exposed part of the photo it drops into the beginning of the gorge.

The French take their dogs everywhere!

The end of the gorge where the river returns to the sunlight.

We have to walk back the way we came. In several places vegetation hangs down into the gorge.

Here are the high water marks, January 13, 2004 being one of the latest. This sign goes further up than I could photograph. There is an obvious reason why they close the Gorge to visitors between September and May.

Some photos of high water from the back of the menu at the little cafe.

A spectacular view on the drive back that a photo just can't capture.


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