France 2007
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This site documents our trip to France in August and September, 2007. This site is a small version with only 67 photos in 7 pages. Click here for the larger site with about 500 photos on 59 pages.

We flew from Boston to Paris where we picked up our car for the next five weeks, a Renault Kangoo, on a lease buy back. We drove south with a lunch break at Auberge de La Beursaudiere in Nitry:

We visited Dijon and spent the night in Besancon. The next day was the first Saturday in August, which is the busiest day of the year on the highways because every Frenchman is starting his August vacation on that day. We had planned to meet our agent in Veyrier du Lac, where we are staying the first week, at 1:00 pm., but we had a late start from Besancon and the miles of stop and go traffic delayed our arrival until about 4:00 pm.

We admired the view of the lake from our balcony in Veyrier du Lac:

Another reason for the traffic problems was the festival that was to take place in Annecy that evening. We watched the fireworks from our balcony:

The next few days we explored the environs of Lake Annecy. We explored Verier du Lac and visited Annecy and Talloires. We drove up the steep and winding road to Col de la Forclaz for a great view of the lake:

We moved to Talloires for our second week on Lake Annecy. It had a more intimate view of the lake from the balcony:

Natalie joined us while we were in Talloires. We then moved back to the same house in Veryier du Lac for the remaining three weeks on Lake Annecy. Paul and Linda joined us there:

We took Natalie back to Geneva and spent a few hours in its harbor:

We drove to the Crêt De Châtillon, which affords a spectacular 360 degree panorama of the surrounding countryside, including Mont Blanc:

We were alone again after dropping Paul and Linda off at the Geneva airport so they could continue their vacation in Rome. Our neighbors, Christiana and Domonic, invited us to lunch with friends of hers in Le Grand Bornand. It was a pretty special trip and meal.

Mario and Laurel joined us near the end of our stay on Lake Annecy. We showed them around the area.

We all four went back to Paris in the little Kangoo. After packing in our luggage, the car was pretty full. We stopped at Auberge de La Beursaudiere in Nitry for lunch. We dropped the car off at Orly airport and took taxis to our respective apartments in Paris.

After seeing the sights in Paris, we flew home to Boston where Elisa and Courtland greeted us.