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I've never slept well on my back but now I had no choice. For the first night the foam wedge was between my legs. For some reason the mucus in the back of my mouth was so thick I couldn't breathe out through my nose and couldn't talk well. The "nn" sound came out as "nk" as my air passage closed.

I was on an IV for sustenance and also an antibiotic. The antibiotic cleared up my chronic sinus problems very well. They were all cleared out. The oxygen sure dried out my nose, mouth, and throat, however.

I was also on morphine for pain. But nobody told me I shouldn't move my head after they injected the morphine via my IV. Apparently the morphine screws up your inner ear and any movement of your head sends conflicting signals to your brain and leads to instant nausea.

I also had pressure cuffs on both calves. They squeeze fluids up the leg once every 10 minutes or so. They are there to prevent blood clots and swelling.

The precautions I must take to prevent the dislocation of my new hip are drilled into me again. These precautions will be repeated many times.

In the afternoon I was asked to stand up along side my bed. This was less than 24 hours after the surgery. I did it twice. But boy was I pooped after each time.

They brought meals three times a day but food didn't appeal to me at all. I ate essentially nothing.

They moved me to the Orthopedic ward, since a space had become available.

Sleep is fitful. I sleep only an hour or two at a time. Still flat on my back. Each time I wake up my mouth is dry so I take a drink.


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