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The doctors visit again. Dr. Tomford is amused that I had guessed most of what he was doing during the operation. He explained the blood on the ceiling: when they hammer in the socket, blood squirts out all over the place, including up to the ceiling!

The nurse gets me up and walking. They take my blood pressure almost continuously. The results are: 120/60 while lying down; 110/55 while sitting up; 105/50 while standing up before the walk; 85/50 standing after walking to the door of the room and back; 110/55 after sitting down for a minute. The lesson: I need to get up and walk more.

A sponge bath is most welcome. My privates stink, probably because of a yeast infection caused by the heavy antibiotics I'm still taking.

I can't eat breakfast or lunch. I eat a bit of dinner and vomit it.


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