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Here is the after surgery timeline given to me by Dr. Tomford before the surgery.

1 day after:

Intravenous antibiotic is removed.
Hemovac (small drain placed in the wound in the operating room) is removed.

2 days after:

Primary dressing (placed over wound in the operating room) is replaced.

3 days after:

Remove IV.

4 days after:

Go home.

1 week after:

Can shower.

2 weeks after:

Staples removed.
Begin upper body exercises.

2 to 4 weeks after:

First post-op office visit.

4 weeks after:

Get off Coumadin (blood thinner to prevent blood clots).

4 to 6 weeks after:

Resume sexual activity.

6 to 8 weeks after:

Can drive.
Resume walking for exercise.

10 to 12 weeks after:

Resume light sports activity (swimming, cycling, and golf).

3 months after:

Second post-op office visit.
Minimum time before relaxing the hip precautions.

6 months after

Third post-op office visit.

1 year after and annually thereafter:

Additional post-op office visits.


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